Three combined chamber

Temperature/Humidity/Vibration chamber
This chamber is suitable for the product (complete machine), parts, materials to perform high temperature storage test, low temperature test and high&low temperature cycling test, and after combining with the vibration platform, the temperature-humidity-vibration integrated test can be realized.
Temperature/ Humidity/Vibration series technical parameters
Type WSZ605 WSZ61 WSZ62
Performance parameters Temperature range -70~+150℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤1℃(≤±0.5℃,according toGB/T5170-1996)
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Temperature deviation ±2℃
Heating-cooling rate Optional rate range:3℃/min~15℃/min(average,-55~+80℃)
Humidity range 15%~98%RH
Humidity deviation +2~-3%(>75%RH),5%(≤75%RH)
Structure Shell Cold-rolled steel plate with surface spray(ivory)
Inner wall material Stainless steel plate
Thermal insulation material Polyurethane foam
Refrigeration Refrigerating method Cascade twin-stage compressor refrigeration mode(water cooling)
Imported compressor
Observation window(mm) 400×500
Test hole(mm) Two Φ100, one at the left and the other one at the right
Controller Siemens PLC controller and Siemens color LCD touch screen.
Recording equipment Mini-printer
PC interface RS485 interface, RS232 converting cable, PC’s operating software(optional)
Inner dimension (mm) D 800 900 1280
W* 800 1150 1150
H 870 1100 1100
Dimension of vibration platform surface(mm) horizontal platform≤400×400;
vertical platform≤φ400
horizontal platform≤600×600;
vertical platform≤φ600;
 single vertical platform≤φ630mm
horizontal platform≤900×900 mm;
vertical platform≤φ900
Installed power 39 KVA 19KVA 19KVA
Height of motor cover (mm) 240
Power supply AC380V 50Hz three phase four wire + ground wire
Standard configuration 1 product operation manual, 1 test report, 1 certification, 1 quality certificate, 2 shelves, 4 racks, 1 blind plate interface plate, 1 vertical interface plate and 1 horizontal interface plate

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