High wind speed rain chamber

High wind speed raining chamber
Introduction (purpose): this chamber is suitable for the shell or sealing device of electric and electronic products to estimate the ability to prevent rain water from permeating and the work performances in the rain or after the rain.
Technical parameters of high wind speed raining chamber
1 Product property                                           
1.1 Interior dimension 1500mm×1500mm×1600mm (D×W×H)
1.2 Exterior dimension 2291mm×4200mm×3411mm (D×W×H)
1.3 Power supply 380V±10%,50Hz±1 three phase four wire + ground wire;  grounding protection resistance is less than 4Ω
1.4 Total power 24KW
1.6Satisfy the test standards GJB 150.8-1986   Raining test
2 Main Technical Parameters
2.1 Raining test
2.1.1Temperature range (RT+10℃)~55℃
2.1.2 Raining intensity 10~20 cm/h(the rain capacity at the rotary platform,raining intensity can be adjusted)
2.1.3Diameter of raindrops 0.5mm~4.5mm
2.1.4 Wind speed range: 5~18m/s(the horizontal wind speed at the center of rotary platform air inlet)
2.1.5Rainning time The time can be adjusted in the range of 0~999min, be controlled automatically and can cycle.
2.1.6Samples heating range The temperature of rainwater +10℃(max. +55℃)
2.1.7 Rotary operating platform: Dimension:Φ800mm,and the speed of rotary platform can be adjusted.
2.1.8 Workpiece dimension limitation Max dimension of samples is: Φ700mm×700mm
2.2 Rain drops test
2.2.1Temperature range RT+10℃ ~+55℃
2.2.2Area of drip tray: 760×760mm,the height of drip tray can be adjusted
2.2.3Diameter of raindrops 0.5mm~4.5mm,space between apertures 25.4mm。
2.2.4 Volume of drips: ≥280±300L /m2·h。
2.2.5 Distance Distance of rain drops≥1 meter。
2.2.6 Water supply Pump provides continuous water, but controlled(automatic supply water)
2.2.7 Time of rain drops 0~999min,can be adjusted。
2.2.8 Workpiece dimension limitation Max dimension of samples is: Φ700mm×700mm
2.3 Waterproofness test
2.3.1 Pressure of flush water ≥276kPa。
2.3.2 Stainless steel nozzle: Overhead, square type,the angle of nozzles can be adjusted
2.3.3 Number of nozzle In every 0.56㎡superficial area to receive rain, there is at least one nozzle that is installed at a distance of 450mm~500mm from the surface of the test samples.
2.3.4 Mode of water supply Pump provides continuous water.
2.3.5 Test duration: 0~999min,can be adjusted.
2.3.6Diameter of raindrops 2mm~4.5mm。
2.3.7Workpiece dimension limitation Max dimension of samples is:Φ700mm×700mm

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