Altitude test Chamber

QD series introduction:This chamber is suitable for the product (complete machine), parts, materials to perform high temperature test, low temperature test, altitude(no higher than 30000m or 45000m ) test, high&low temperature cycling test and temperature-altitude integrated test. When performing high&low temperature test, this chamber can be used for the tests of heat emission samples and non heat emission samples. For the test of heat emission samples, the cooling power can not exceed the refrigeration capacity of chamber, because the refrigeration capacity is a dynamic value, which will change with changeable temperature.
 QD series technical parameters
Type QD6025 QD605 QD61 QD62
Performance parameters
Temperature range -70~+150℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃(normal pressure and no load)
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃(normal pressure and no load)
Temperature deviation ±2℃(normal pressure and no load)
Heating up time(20~+150℃) ≤60min ≤60min ≤50min ≤60min
Cooling down time(20~-60℃) ≤90min ≤80min ≤60min ≤80min
Air pressure range normal pressure~1KPa normal pressure~0.5KPa
Pressure precision ±2KPa(at normal pressure ~40KPa);±5%(at 40KPa~4KPa);±0.1KPa(at 4KPa~1KPa)
depressurization rate ≤45min(normal pressure →1KPa)
Structure Shell Cold-rolled steel plate with surface spray(ivory)
Inner wall material Stainless steel plate
Refrigeration Refrigerating method Water cooling
Refrigerator Imported compressor
Observation window(mm) 200×300mm (W×H)
Temperature sensor Armoured  Pt100
Pressure sensor Silicon resistance pressure transmitter
Controller Siemens PLC module and 7-inch color LCD touch control screen.
Data storage and interfaces SD data card, USB, RS485
Inner dimension (mm)
D 600 700 1000 1200
W 600 800 1000 1400
H 700 900 1000 1200
External dimension (mm)
D 1800 2750 3250 3710
W* 1000 1500 1400 1810
H 1880 1900 2000 2310
Installed power 19KVA 19.3KVA 32.5KVA 51KVA
Power supply AC380V 50Hz three phase four wire + ground wire
Standard configuration 1 product operation manual, 1 test report, 1 certification, 1 quality certificate, 2 shelves and 4 racks
Satisfy the standards GJB 150.2、GJB 150.3、GJB 150.4、GJB 150.6、GB/T 2423.1、GB/T 2423.2、GB/T 2423.21

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