High acceleration test chamber
Product usage:
² ► This test chamber suitable for electrical and electronic products and electronic components, printed circuit board components, such as life test study, by applying including high temperature step by step, low temperature step by step, rapid temperature change cycle, six degrees of freedom non-Gaussian broadband random vibration stress, such as single or comprehensive and gradually increase the stress on the test samples, to determine the tolerated by the stress limit, for the product in the research, design, trial production, and batch production phase quickly find out the defects and improvement, shorten development time, to guarantee the quality of products reach the purpose of rapid marketing at the same time.
² ► This test chamber can also be used for electrical and electronic products and electronic components, printed circuit board components such as the high speed of stress screening, through high accelerated life test limit and damage limit know products, determine the test program, after the pilot run or mass production stage of the product will be accelerated stress applied to the corresponding products, to filter products, in order to effectively monitor the product process consistency, eliminate defective products, reduce product repair rate!
² ► For large complete machine type electrical and electronic products, it is suggested to carry out high accelerated life test or high accelerated stress screening test for assembly level of the front end (such as printed circuit board components and sub-modules).
High acceleration test chamber series detailed parameters
Type HALT101-T900D(single door) HALT101-T900S(double door) HALT102-T1200 HALT1005-T600
Performance parameters  Temperature range -100℃~+200℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤±1℃(with 2 minutes of stabilization time)
Temperature deviation ±1℃
Vibration Three-axis six degrees of freedom
Vibration platform 920mm×920mm(W*D) 1220mm×1220mm(W*D) 610mm×610mm(W*D)
Acceleration 100Grms
Vibration frequency 5~10000Hz
Heating rate ≥70℃/min(-65℃→+100℃, 25kg aluminum ingot with load, air outlet test)
Cooling rate ≥70℃/min(+100℃→-65℃, 25kg aluminum ingot with load, air outlet test)
Structure Shell Cold-rolled steel plate with surface spray(ivory)
Inner wall material SUS304 stainless steel plate
Thermal insulation material  150mm non-hazardous waste environmentally friendly glass fiber insulation layer
Refrigeration Refrigerating method Liquid nitrogen refrigeration
Data storage and interface USB data interface:The device has a USB storage interface. The stored information includes main operating parameters such as test time, test target value and test measured value. The storage format is in .csv format. This file can be directly generated into curve by the PC communication software of Yinhe. The USB interface does not support hot plug and download functions. If you want to use a U disk to store test data, you need to keep the U disk in a normal connection state;
TCP/IP communication interface:The test chamber is equipped with RJ45 data interface. Later, if the communication function of the upper computer is purchased (including the Yinhe Environmental Test Set Equipped with embedded computer monitoring software V1501), you can connect to this interface to realize computer management functions. A single test box supports simultaneous access of 5 computers, and the upper computer software can manage up to 32 test boxes.
Internal dimension(mm) D 1070 1370 760
W 1070 1370 760
H 970(1270) 970(1270) 970
Outline dimension(mm) D 1400 1700 1086
W 1780 2100 1470
H 3064 3064 2764
Installed power 80kVA 107kVA 46kVA
Power supply 380V±10%,50Hz±2% Three-phase five wire + ground wire, Ω protection grounding resistance less than 4 4Ω

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